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מכתבי תודה

Dear Rachel,

I just realized that we started our “business dates” one year ago and it passed so quickly and smoothly thanks to your efficiency and experience. The book is lovely and Donna now insists on my reading it to her, a chapter each day, so that "she can hear it in my own voice”.

As I told you, my children and grandchildren urged me to do this several years ago, but I was too lazy to just sit down and do it. I could not have done it without your help and guidance.

Thank you very, very much.

Lechaim Nagan

רחל יקירתנו, 

רוצה להוסיף תודות ממני, גם למאמצים שלך להכיר את לחיים וגם בהבעה הרגישה של חייו העשירים והמסובכים.

מחיל הרפואה לאקדמיה בליווי כינור, לחיים נגן


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