Your Story in Your Own Words

I believe that every person has a special life story that should be written.

My name is Rachel and I love people and words, and I offer to help you write your story.

Together we will walk from childhood to adulthood, through your family's history and its origin, documenting memories, events and experiences throughout the different periods of your life.

At the end of the process of listening, writing and editing (while preserving your unique voice) the story will be handed over to custom graphic design. We will insert pictures, scan documents of personal or national importance and publish, under Tfarim Publishing, your story in your own words as an unforgettable souvenir for future generations.

Listening, looking, feeling, thinking and writing.

Since I can remember, I love words. I love to read the words of others and write my own words, which have often joined into sentences and formed a story or a poem.

Since I can remember, I love people. I love to listen to their words, joining into sentences and become a story.

Today I combine these two passions: listening to people and publishing their story in a book.

A sense of mission accompanies me in my work. It is a privilege for me to be part of the process of preserving the memories, stories, anecdotes and events that make up your personal history, as they unfold onto paper for the rest of the family to keep.

If you've already written your story in your own words, I could edit and publish it as well.

I would love to accompany you on your fascinating journey.

MA in Hebrew Literature, majoring in Publishing, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

BA in Philosophy and Hebrew Literature, Hebrew University, Mount Scopus

Teaching Certificate for high schools, School of Education, Hebrew University

In 2014 my first poetry book "blanket" was published by Tfarim. The second one is in the making

I worked as director of the Association of Spiritual Mentoring Organizations in Israel, as Director of the Association of Health and the Environment, as Director of Kolot - an Israeli Beit Midrash

I served in the army as an Air Force officer, and graduated the Rothberg High School in Ramat Hasharon.

Board member of the Rimon Institute - Joe Alon Center, Museum of Bedouin Culture

Member of the Board of Directors - Jerusalem Print Workshop

Member of the Israeli Association of Friends of the Czech Republic

Representative - Matte Yehuda Regional Council